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66 Bonaventura Dr.
San Jose, CA 95134

T: 408-321-9780
F: 408-321-0155

Checkpoint is the worlds leading supplier of Laser Scanning Microscope based equipment for the semiconductor industry. Checkpoint's tools are used in various applications in semiconductor failure analysis and debugging techniques. Some of the techniques that are supported by Checkpoint's tools are TIVA, LIVA, OBIC, OBIRCH, SDL, LADA as well as Laser Probing. Come inside to see the InfraScan line of optical diagnostic tools.
Leveraging Technology

Checkpoint Technologies' road map is in sync with the challenges of today's failure analysis and debugging markets.

Market Leading Solutions

High numerical aperture, high sensitivity detectors for today's smaller, lower-voltage IC's. Modular design for low cost upgrade path.

Reliability & Customer Value

Checkpoint Technologies invests deliberately in reliability and quality of its components, routinely exceeding even the most demanding customers requirements.